Pauline De Vries

Organizational Health & Wellbeing
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Markenhaven 25 c 3826 AC AMERSFOORT

I am a psychologist and coach with over fifteen years of experience in coaching in the field of learning & development. My background is in Organizational Health & Wellbeing as well as engagement. Fluent in both Dutch and English I specialize in coaching on the topics of career development, life span psychology, vitality and (mental) wellbeing. I have worked in many different (international) organizations in different roles, allowing me to connect to the day to day reality of my clients. Clients tell me they were able to make progress due to the safe context I offer them to explore and develop any issue relevant to their coaching goals. I was trained as a coach and therapist with Phoenix Opleidingen in Utrecht and as a Life Span Psychologist at the Open University. Among the methods I use are: CGT, EMDR, ACT, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Constellations, Mindfulness, RET, The Leadership Circle, Co-Active Coaching and ORSC.


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