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International conference


Careers in transition – Career guidance as beacon of light

Improving the implementation of quality assurance in career guidance

International conference
February 15, 2019
Verkadefabriek, ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

The European labour market is rapidly changing. Flexicurity, robotization, lifelong learning and mobility of labour across borders (national and sectoral) are the main drivers for change and innovation. This not only challenges where and how we work but also when and why we work. In addition, aging Europe results in a working population that has to work longer, asking for more awareness and guidance towards 'second careers'. Added to this is the trend of personalising the learning needed for staying tuned in to the labour market. In short: our work paradigm is in transition, since the importance of jobs is fading and the importance of careers emerges. Career guidance and career guidance professionals are important beacons of light in facilitating this transition for both organizations and individuals.

Individual career guidance practitioners, organisations offering guidance services, and educational institutions are trying hard to keep up with these labour market developments, and fill in their role as beacons of light. What is needed is a clear vision from an educational, social and economical point of view of how to assure the quality of those involved in guiding people into the labour market of the future.

This conference offers a platform to discuss the trends across Europe, to present best practices and create more clarity on present dynamics in work, learning and guidance. Its objective is to link the need of a changing labour market paradigm with the need that this transition should be guided by competent, qualified career professionals.

 The conference took place at February 15, 2019


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