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Dommelstraat 4 5691 AT SON EN BREUGEL

Since 1999 specialized Career Transition service organisation,

VBSearch offers in cooperation with international partners a variety of career transition support programs that are designed to meet a wide range of organizational and individual needs. We completely customize our outplacement programs to fit your needs.

Our career transition programs are results-driven. We hold employees accountable and are proactive about arranging next-day appointments. We define success by supporting the employee meet his or her career goals, including finding the “next job” or starting as a business. Our unique approach is based on our in-house developed “lean and smart job applications” , pragmatic program, experience as entrepreneur coach and thousands of interviews, next to facilitating by sharing our actual extensive network (we open doors) in combination with a Dutch version of the well-known concept “What color is your parachute”.

Our career transition programs include:cost-effective quick start outplacement programs, executive programs, individual outplacement, group outplacement, specialized career services and assessments.

For more information, please contact our Netherlands office:.


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