Webinar IAEVG Hope-Action Theory

Graag attenderen we je op het webinar van Dr. Norm Amundson en Andrea Fruhling dat IAEVG organiseert op maandag 30 november via zoom. Het onderwerp is 'Hoop in actie'. En dat is bijzonder van toepassing in deze tijden van een pandemie, een situatie die nog vele maanden kan voortduren.

Je kunt je aanmelden via de Facebook pagina van IAEVG, de International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance.

A description of the webinar session:

During these challenging times there is a need for compassion coupled with hope and positive action. This is a time for moving forward with a stance of “positive uncertainty”. Hope-Action Theory provides a dynamic, competency based approach to career development. In this session Dr. Amundson and Andrea Fruhling will use Hope-Action Theory to illustrate how an integration of career counselling and career coaching practices can be used as a framework for effective career development. The interventions that will be discussed are evidence based and have been successfully used with a range of clients in a series of research studies. This session will encourage creativity and courage, and also suggest that different metaphors and perspectives are important ways of eliciting change.