Mis het niet: congres van wereldklasse!

Wil jij, gewoon vanuit huis, écht op topniveau geïnformeerd worden over innovatieve benaderingen in ons vakgebied? Dan hebben Noloc en IAEVG een tip voor je! Schrijf je nu in voor Cannexus, Canada’s Career Development Conference. Het congres vindt plaats van 25 januari t/m 3 februari. Even naar Ottawa vliegen zit er nu echt niet in, daarom kun je dit congres virtueel bijwonen. Het thema van dit jaar: Career Development for Public Good. Er zijn meer dan 150 sessies om te volgen.

Cannexus has become the largest and most important career development conference in Canada and gains a particular resonance this year with the theme of Career Development for Public Good. We will gather to reimagine career development and its impact on decent work, equality and a sustainable economy.

The conference will feature over 150 sessions, including Canada’s thought leaders in career development as well as top international presenters. Here’s just a sampling:

  • A keynote from Kris Magnusson on Emotions in Career Helping
  • Reconstructing Careers, Reconstructing Societies: Tristram Hooley
  • Using Chaos to Build Student Agency: Jim Bright
  • Inside Career Development: Stress, Coping and Mental Health, Dave Redekopp & Michael Huston
  • Beyond COVID: Career Development Lessons for our Field: Sareena Hopkins
  • Trauma and Resilience: Seanna Quressette
  • Building Back Better: How the World Needs to Change for Good After COVID: Jim Stanford
  • Scaling Virtual Career Development on 3 Campuses: Rich Feller, Mark Franklin & Jayne Greene-Black
  • Construction de soi des jeunes adultes en contexte de crise sanitaire: Valérie Cohen-Scali
  • Integrating Career Development into the Early Grades: Ed Hidalgo
  • Blending Online and F2F Delivery of Career Services: Tannis Goddard
  • Social Justice Advocacy: Nancy Arthur
  • Engaging Workers in an Age of Uncertainty: Deirdre Pickerell & Roberta Borgen (Neault)
  • Words & Actions: Building Blocks for Work/Life: Gray Poehnell
  • Career Development and the Public Sector: Lisa Taylor
  • Career Recovery: Creating Careers with Hope: Norm Amundson, Spencer Niles & Andrea Fruhling

As an international career researcher, practitioner or policymaker, attending Cannexus will provide you with a content-rich and value-packed opportunity to convene, share and learn along with Canada’s career development communities. The conference comes at a critical juncture when, now more than ever, those providing career and employment services are essential to our countries’ economic and social recovery.

The conference is priced to be as affordable as possible at $375 CDN. Members of 40 supporting organizations, including IAEVG, APCDA, NCDA and the Australian Centre for Career Education receive a 25% discount. Full-time students can register for only $50 CDN and many instructors are planning to incorporate conference content into their courses. All the recordings will be available for a full year, providing continued learning. Also note, all live sessions at Cannexus will offer captioning in 15 different languages (including English and French).

You will find Cannexus21 to be an outstanding educational and networking opportunity. Please do share this information with your colleagues. To find further details and to register, visit https://cannexus.ceric.ca/.