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Conferences & newsletter

De website van de IAEVG Conference 2018 in Zweden is online. Neem even een kijkje voor nadere informatie en aanmelding als je aan dit event wil deelnemen. Voor degenen die voornemens waren te presenteren, denk aan de deadline voor het insturen van proposals: 31 maart a.s.

De IAEVG newsletter lees je hier.

Daarnaast delen we nog graag de onderstaande informatie over de "Second international conference on "Healthier societies fostering healthy organizations: Cross-cultural perspectives" to be held in Florence, Italy, August 30-31 and September 1, 2018". 

Geïnteresseerden kunnen ook contact opnemen met Gert van Brussel


Dear Gert, 

I am very pleased to both announce and invite you to the Second international conference on "Healthier societies fostering healthy organizations: Cross-cultural perspectives" to be held in Florence, Italy, August 30-31 and September 1, 2018.

This conference is organized by the University of Florence. The event will include many outstanding keynote speakers from various parts of the world including Maureen E. Kenny – Boston College (USA); Jose-Maria Peiró, University of Valencia (Spain); Donald H. Saklofske – University of Western Ontario (Canada); Akira Tsuda – Kurume University (Japan); Fons Van de Vijver – Tilburg University (The Netherlands); Saths Cooper – University of Pretoria (South Africa) and will feature workshops and symposia focusing on the theme of promoting the welfare of individuals in organizations and societies from a cross-cultural psychological perspective. https://www.scifopsi.unifi.it/vp-358-seminari-e-workshop-scifopsi-2018.html

You are cordially invited to attend and actively participate in this conference. Please, let me know if you are interested in organizing an invited symposium whose you will be the Chair (with at maximum of 4 contributions). And also, please, share as much as possible. To celebrate this second international cross-cultural conference, registration is free of charge. Our main purpose is to support and maintain the international group of interested researchers and practitioners who are dedicated to promoting a healthier world by continuing this collaboration through further conferences, summer school and workshops in subsequent years in Florence.

Attached are the invitation and call for papers, the registration form, and the program. Papers presented by attendees at the conference as well as other invited and submitted papers will be reviewed and may be selected for submission for the Special Issue "Personality, individual differences, and healthy organizations" to be published in the Journal "Personality and Individual Differences". The call for papers is found in the following link:


Your attendance at this second International Cross-cultural Conference only requires the submission of the attached registration form. Please, disseminate this information to interested colleagues and organizations within your networks as much as possible. Registration is limited so we do encourage you to apply at your earliest convenience.

Furthermore I would like to inform you that before the Conference there will be the 1st Edition of the International Summer School in "Healthy organizations: From research to application" that will be held in Florence, August 27-30, 2018.

The Department of Education and Psychology (Psychology Section) of the University of Florence is organizing this first International Summer School in Healthy organizations. The event will include many keynote speakers from various parts of the world including in alphabetic order Ronald H. Humphrey (UK), Maureen E. Kenny (USA), Claire Leitch (UK), Peter McIlveen (Australia), Jose-Maria Peiró (Spain), Vijay Pereira (United Arab Emirates), René Proyer (German), Donald H. Saklofske (Canada), Fons Van de Vijver (The Netherlands), Greg Yan (China).

There will be seminars focused on Healthy organizations within a cross-cultural perspective (work and organizational psychology, management, individual differences, prevention, cross-cultural psychology...), as well as applied activities for conducting research and interventions for fostering healthy human organizations and contributing to healthier societies.

Attached you can find the invitation with the program and the information for the submission for the Summer School too. Please, disseminate this information to interested and young colleagues (including PhD students) within your networks as much as possible.

I very much look forward to having you to this events in Florence. Please, let me know.



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