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International conference - presentations

Keynotes Presentations

Keynote 1: The life long learning (policy)context of career guidance
Martin Soeters MSc, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NL. Presentation.

Keynote 2: Career management: a strategic asset for sustainable organisations
Prof.dr. Judith Semeijn, Open University of the Netherlands, NL. Presentation.

Keynote 3: Labour market in transition: the importance of innovative guidance instruments for employees
Dr. Jos Sanders, HAN University of Applied Science, NL. Presentation.

Keynote 4: Quality assurance in career guidance: a European perspective
Dr. Siobhan Neary, University of Derby, UK. Presentation.

Keynote 5: Towards a national quality framework on career guidance: the Norwegian approach
Dr. Erik Haug, Inland Norway University of Applied Science, N. Presentation. 

Keynote 6: Quality assurance and certification of career guidance professionals in Dutch public employment services: the importance of cooperation
Guus van Weelden MSc, Member of the Executive Board UWV. Presentation. 

Workshop presentations

Workshop 1: Student oriented career guidance in vocational education: an holistic quality approach
Dr. Aniek Draaisma, Open University of the Netherlands, NL. Presentation.

Workshop 2: QUAL-IM-G, Quality assurance of career guidance practitioners.
a. Mentoring programme Presentation.
b. Certification framework Presentation 

Workshop 3: Best practices: how to effectively implement career vouchers as instrument for labour market transition: a comparison of the Dutch and Belgian approach.
Dr. Derk-Jan Nijman, HAN University of Applied Science, NL. Presentation.
Dr. David Meulemans, VDAB, Belgium.  Presentation.

Workshop 4: Quality and quality labels in education for career guidance practitioners and jobcoaches
Jouke Post MSc, Saxion University of Applied Science, NL. Presentation.

Workshop 5: QUAL-IM-G, Quality assurance of career guidance providers. Presentation. 

Workshop 6: Best practices: towards a national quality label for career guidance practitioners in NL
Jeroen Bregman MSc, Noloc, NL. Presentation.